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Fun Game

Too repetitive. It would make game funnier if there was possibility to set answers to certain characters in advance. Like automatically saying "No" to people who try to find excuses to get past the gate for free.

Greetings! My name is King Zaerdric and I played your game! And I gotta say, I loved the hell out of it! There were several comical encounters and unique sprites. It was a lot of fun, although it was not exactly perfect, I really enjoyed myself through many aspects of this game. 

The game has a very nice concept and good graphics, but I got the same bug twice at the beginning of the game : people stop talking and just keep pilling up, I can't do anything. Since it is a very slow game, I won't try a third time, but I hope you'll get this bug fixed soon, because I'm really interested in playing this :)

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Weird 'issue' The people just kept pilling up faster than I could spam spacebar and click. I had like 100 people lined up just glitching out.

I let Emila the witch thru like 10 times and 20 doctors and 5 masons and rejected 20 sick people along with all those fake girlfriends.

I don't know why they just kept pilling up. I got the archer day 1, moat day 2, and maxed out the archers by day 4. Put at least 1 'town' payment a day. After maxing everything I just saved up for 150 and put it all into the town in one night. But I kept getting 'open up the rusty gate, economy is fine' speech from the one guy.

Btw who ever wrote the lines, I actually laughed pretty hard when the cart guy went on about everything being normal.

It's a good game, could use sound obviously, I only put in 30 minutes so I suppose theres probably more I didn't get to see, maybe the archers and moat come in handy? Maybe I get werewolfed and need the cure.. Maybe if I let the king fake girlfriend in I get someting? I don't know could be it's just not added in...

EDIT: just noticed after reading other comments this is a game jam. Wow, great job doing all this in so little time. Can't wait to check out what you guys can do when given more time.

Really had fun playing this game and upgrading the kingdom with an awesome moat! I feel like I better understand the struggles of being a gate keeper now. 

Fun game with a nice art style. Enjoyed the (sort of) Papers, Please! style of gameplay. Encountered a bug when I tried to deny Robin access, but seemed fine otherwise. A save feature in future versions also be appreciated.

Oh wow! Thank you so much for playing the game. We really appreciate it! Because this was a game jam game, we didn't get the time to add sounds or fix some of the really big bugs >.< But for the future versions of the game, we plan to fix the bugs,  add a lot more characters, branching narratives, consequences for your choices and of course, sounds! :P A save feature is a great idea!

I must've missed the part in the description about it being made during a game jam. Good job regardless. Looking forward to future updates

When the lady with the stomach rash comes and you make her pay 10 gold, you only get 5 anyway. Also. the game got stuck for me 2 times so I had to restard the whole thing twice. The dialogue stops and nothing happens, and I can do nothing other than watch how the characters look at eachother. I'm looking forward to playing this again in the future :)

Thank you so much for playing! Your feedback is really helpful. We know that there are a lot of inconsistencies/bugs within the game, but it's always really helpful when players tell us exactly when and where they are occurring. We'll be sure to fix those up ASAP :) 

Perhaps one gripe about the game is that when you start to have a large line, you can't skip dialogues and go straight to the answer selections. Making everything painstakingly slower... 


This is pretty fun lol. I kind of wished it saved or something but other than that the game is pretty fun.

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Thanks for the great feedback! We'll definitely take that all into account for future updates.

Thanks for playing! 

No problem! I'm liking the game so far