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Space Colonisers was the very first game I ever created.

In my game design course we were instructed to recreate the classic Space Invaders as closely as possible, and then create our own version of the game with some interesting new mechanic or aesthetic.

My version has you playing as the aliens on their home planet, while human spacers try to "colonise". You must scuttle along the surface, lobbing smaller aliens at the advancing human landers. You, as the player, need to scuttle your fingers on the keys of your keyboard to move. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE TUTORIAL FOR A BRIEF GUIDE TO THE CONTROLS. This game is only a proof of concept, and I plan to improve on the input mechanic, or perhaps use it in another game, depending on feedback.

Disclaimer: This build originally also contained my clone of the original game by Tomohiro Nishikado (1978), which I reproduced with good intentions, and by no means for commercial gain. I have removed the menu option to play this original game and the game files have been mostly removed, however the tutorial will still instruct you on the controls.

As always, feedback is appreciated. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


space-colonisers-windows.zip 29 MB
Version 1 Jan 06, 2017

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