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Gyre is a proof of concept prototype which was made in response to an exam brief which asked for a "subverted" platformer.

I simply subverted the convention of the direction of gravity, and this was the result. Down is always down, and the player must use that to their advantage.

I included as many mechanics as I could for the proof of concept. It is by no means a finished game. I have plans to work on it further to better teach and introduce mechanics.

Feedback is appreciated. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This was my first ever game with platformer mechanics, so the character controller is primitive, and incredibly frustrating. I apologise in advance for the jump puzzles.

Install instructions

Simply download the zip, extract and run the .exe file found inside


gyre-windows.zip 17 MB
Version 1 Jan 06, 2017


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Looks pretty interesting!